House concert

Last night's house concert was pretty amazing. The Brahms Quartet was everything one could wish for, better than in any of the rehearsals. It felt very good to musicians and listeners alike. Matt Testa and Bobby Hill were in the audience. I posted the recording at:

Mei Mei Chang took photos, which I will post later, and Marilyn got a good video clip that she put on Facebook and Instagram. Maybe I can post it here too.


WOWD Radio interview

Matt Testa has started an experimental music program on Takoma Park's new micro radio station, WOWD 94.3 FM. It airs Wednesday nights at 6 pm. He will interview me about WMV on Wednesday September 14 around 6:30 pm. I will bring some of our best, way out there stuff. Here is a clip from a piece by James Brody, based on the DNA sequence of a dopamine receptor (commissioned by WMV in 2002).