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WASHINGTON MUSICA VIVA (WMV) is dedicated to the performance of classical, contemporary, and jazz-based chamber music in intimate settings, bringing performers and audience close together to share an authentic musical experience.  

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Poet in Residence:

Maritza Rivera’s poem, written at the Musica Viva 4/17/19 concert: 
Piano Magic

Music descends
the stone steps of night
and fills our empty crevices
like water in a glass of pebbles.

It is alive and echoes
like hello in a dark cave.

It is the call of a dinner bell
that nourishes us
so we gather obediently
lest it stop playing.

We look and listen in wonder
but mostly we imagine each note
drifting gently like whispered wishes
never wanting such magic to end.

Bethesda House Concert & Potluck Buffet

Photo by Tricia Johnson

Photo by Tricia Johnson

Saturday June 22 at 7:00 pm

Bethesda House Concert and Potluck Buffet
at the home of Richard White, 
6005 Milo Drive  Bethesda MD 20816 

The Milo Trio

Celaya Kirchner, violin, Emma Hays Johnson, cello, Carl Banner, piano

Trios of Brahms (Op. 8) and Fauré (Op. 120)

Admission $20, advance only, plus contribution of food or drink.

Program and notes by Hugh Haskell

[10 seats left]