Maritza Rivera, poet in residence


Maritza Rivera’s poem, written at the Musica Viva 4/17/19 concert: 
Piano Magic

Music descends
the stone steps of night
and fills our empty crevices
like water in a glass of pebbles.

It is alive and echoes
like hello in a dark cave.

It is the call of a dinner bell
that nourishes us
so we gather obediently
lest it stop playing.

We look and listen in wonder
but mostly we imagine each note
drifting gently like whispered wishes
never wanting such magic to end.

The Milo Trio

Eric Althoff wrote a nice piece about our new Milo Trio in the Montgomery County’s CultureSpot webzine . Here is the link.

Emma Hays Johnson and Celaya Kirchner

Emma Hays Johnson and Celaya Kirchner

Concerts with Bonnie Thron

I have recently had the great privilege of performing three programs back to back in North Carolina with Bonnie Thron. Here is a review of the third program by pianist and writer Chelsea S. Waddelow. I am looking forward to repeating this program in Takoma Park on November 25.

I am especially thrilled to be performing the great Chopin g minor Sonata with her, a piece that has long been on my "bucket list". Learning, rehearsing, and performing this piece has given me a whole new toolbox for revisiting Chopin's immense body of solo piano music. Thank you, Bonnie!


Trout at Milo

Marilyn shot this video clip from the Trout at Milo, Saturday Feb. 18, 2017. Full house (60 guests), Richard White set a fine table, and we all consumed every bit of food and drink. The music room and living room were completely full, and there was even a crowd on the balcony.